Why Mobile Billboards?

- First in Quality, Service & Integrity

- Proof of Performance GPS Tracking

- Best Communication & Accountability

- Professionally trained operators

- Supervisor on Every Campaign

- Largest Ad Size in the Business

- Front-Lit, Back-Lit & Tri-vision Trucks

- Surround Sound w/ PA System

- Photos of Your Campaign

Mobile Billboard Truck
Mobile Billboard Truck

why us?

USA mobile billboards only employees professionally trained operators that live in and know the market. We only hire respectable clean cut honest and reliable people. Our training is very detailed so our clients get the most effective and highest exposure available during their mobile billboard campaign. Our training makes a big difference in the results of your campaign. Our managers review in detail with our mobile billboard operators every planned route including streets, highways, boulevards, special locations and hot spots along the route so that your advertising campaign is precisely what you ordered. Our satellite daily proof of performance GPS tracking system verifies each and every location of the USA mobile billboard throughout the day to confirm your campaign is perfect.

Every Campaign at USA mobile billboards includes:

  • First class quality!
  • Professional staff.
  • Front-lit or back-lit lighting.
  • Optional handouts of brochures.
  • 24 hour communication with manager.
  • Clean-cut courteous professional drivers.
  • Special request granted during campaign.
  • Daily photos taken throughout the campaign.
  • Planning the most effective route for your ad campaign.
  • GPS positioning reports that pinpoints your mobile billboard all day long.
  • 2-sided trucks with larger than life vinyl ads (10 feet high X 22 feet 8 inches wide)
  • 3-sided Wedge Truck for bigger rear exposure.
  • 4-sided Tri-vision Truck for multiple ads.
  • More viewing area, bigger exposure and more results!
  • We provide our clients with the cutting edge in mobile billboard advertising!

    We would like to prove our company performance, earn your business, and create the maximum exposure that your company needs in mobile billboard advertising!

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